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Cargo Barriers

Maximium Safety

Offering maximum safety through safe design . All barriers are manufactured in accordance with the Australian Cargo Barrier Standard – AS4034 and the relevant Australian Design Regulations.

Multi Fit

Many barriers are designed to fit in more than one position and can include a quick release mechanism for quick and easy movement. So when you need to fold down your rear seats for more space, your user-friendly barrier simply moves forward its new position, behind the front seats.

OH&S Approved

In the event of a frontal collision unrestrained cargo can hurtle forward with an incredible force, severely injuring or killing anyone in its path. We can provide protection for your employees with the largest range of Cargo Barriers available for over 200 different load carrying vehicles

Vehicle Accessory Specialists (VAS) are proud stockists of Autosafe and Milford cargo barriers and anti vapour (sealed) barriers.

We choose to stock Autosafe and Milford manufacture their range of cargo barriers to comply with both the Australian cargo barrier standard – AS4034 and the relevant Australian Design Regulations. These high standards provide optimum protection under the most demanding driving conditions.

In the event of an accident or in the instance of sudden braking unsecured items like groceries, work gear, or sporting equipment can all be lethal. Installing a vehicle specific cargo barrier is a must, there is no better way to secure your safety.

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